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Default Re: RenderAccel Problems

Well, if somebody could just explain to me why it doesn't work on my GeForce 4 Ti 4200, that would be good enough.

I'm even considering upgrading my card in the near future, but it's not very reassuring that two of my previous cards have had the RENDER acceleration issue.

When you say it's "stable", have you actually tried xcompmgr with the settings described in my initial post?

I found the acceleration to generally work fine, and fast, but when you hammer the server with RENDER extension requests, it deadlocks. I suspect it's some threading bug.

Could be my glibc, even?


Also, how can you say it's not their fault? The software RENDER works fine, it's only when you enable acceleration that it deadlocks. It's got 0% to do with Xorg. Think about it. This is a bug, plain and simple.
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