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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

Originally Posted by zeero1978
...well, thats true... but lets say you are trapped on a deserted island with only limited supply of food and a Gaming PC, what game will you pick, FarCry or Doom3(only one game is allowed to be installed on the PC)... I'll pick FarCry...
Man, if I had only one game to play I'd have to go with something like KOTOR or Medieval: Total War for replayability purposes.

I played Doom 3 before I started Far Cry ('cause I got it first). I really liked Doom 3 (for the most part), except for "the marine" being a rather detached and unsympathetic main character. Now that I've finished Doom 3 I've started Far Cry, and I actually find it less compelling than Doom 3. Jack Carver might have a little more character development going on, and the graphics are peachy, but it just hasn't grabbed me yet. I'm going to keep playing it through (at least until I've gotten my $20 worth out of it), but so far I'm not liking it as much.
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