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Default Re: RenderAccel Problems

...about the "not their fault", yes I take back... maybe it's an Nvidia fault. But it is really stable to me. And yes I've run "xcompmgr -cf". And it worked pretty well (it was stable), but I had some redrawing issues, like a part of a window not completely drawn. That's why now I run "xcompmgr -c" only. Besides the f option will only give you an instant effe (fading?) which I don't really need... but I like the shadows and transparencies.
Anyway I'm using gentoo without nptl. But I tried it on suse 9.1 and it acted with the exactly same behaviour (it was the same FX5900 but another smp motherboard), but certainly not lockups.
Maybe the problem is the drivers with your card. It might be your agp. I don't know, but I really hope it get fixed for you with the next driver realease.
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