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Default Re: Tribes : Vengence SP Demo

Originally Posted by |JuiceZ|
A tribes game? Sightly, "feels" more like a really good TC for UT2004. Maybe Epic 'll include it in UT2004SE?
Thanks for the ifno I played and really liked the first Tribes game way back. When Tribes2 came out my PC did not have enough ump to run it right and even after I upgraded Tribes2 just did not feel as good as Tribes did. I had read in other forums were people felt that this version feels more like UT2k4 (not that its a bad thing mind you) vrs the old Tribes game. Soo being an old time Tribes player I was wondering how this was going to be. Had it not been for Hurricanes, MSU Deadlines and trying to finnish off Doom3 I would have tried it by now...I know I know I am slacking

Btw, saw yer post in the other thread regarding the MSFU contest. Are you currently apart of a dev team working on a mod?
Yes, I have been the team leader and lead coder for the ChaosUT serries of mods for the last few years. While Chaos was never the best mod, we have been around since the Q2 days and have been featured on 3 CDs now (ID's Q2 Extremities, GOTY UT 99 and ECE UT2k4) so we must be doing something right Chaos wont appeal to everyone. But we do take normal UT2k4 play and make it more...well... Chaotic, but in a good way
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