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Default Re: Need Recommendation

Originally Posted by |JuiceZ|
Are there truly any awesome racing games out there for pc or is the console genre really only where its at? If so, whats the best racing game out there and would it be worth it to pickup an xbox?
About the only PC racing game that's coming out would be Juiced. I loved the demo and can't decide if I want to get it for PC or Xbox.

Best arcade racer right now is Burnout 3. I loved the second, and 3 improves on its prdecessor in every way. I would have considered buying Street Racing Syndicate if they had included some American cars in the mix (would it have been that hard to license a Neon SRT-4?).

The other big racer for Xbox is Forza. It's supposed to be the Grand Turismo for Xbox, and Microsoft apparently shelled out for licenses that Sony wouldn't (eg Ferrari).

If you can afford an Xbox, go for it. I love mine. There are a lot of other great games besides racers: DOA3, Ultimate and Volleyball ( ), Ninja Gaiden, ESPN NFL/NHL 2k5 and the grandaddy of 'em all - Halo 2 (which I will be in Las Vegas for during its release grrrrrr).
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