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Default Re: Tribes : Vengence SP Demo

Originally Posted by jbirney
Yes, I have been the team leader and lead coder for the ChaosUT serries of mods for the last few years. While Chaos was never the best mod, we have been around since the Q2 days and have been featured on 3 CDs now (ID's Q2 Extremities, GOTY UT 99 and ECE UT2k4) so we must be doing something right Chaos wont appeal to everyone. But we do take normal UT2k4 play and make it more...well... Chaotic, but in a good way
Mad kudos man!! Would have nvr known, just thought you played UT a lot You guys have done some great work over the yrs. Chaos UT was one of my fav mods for UT '99, rocked. Only mod I've played for 2k4 has really been RO, will have to d/l the latest vers of Chaos later tonight

Where'd you guys come up w/ the idea? Was q2 not chaotic enough?
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