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Default Re: Need Recommendation

The consoles are the best place for racing games IMO .. for thier easier controls & more offered titles .
there are some good PC racing games of course , but isnt as good as to be played on consoles .

on XBox i liked Sega GT2002 & Apex .. but they're not worth to pickup an Xbox just to lay them IMO .

also i heard about Froza .. which might turn to be a big hit . its not released yet AFAIK

PGR2 on the other hand is great & recevied a high rating in most sites .

Midtown Madness 3 too .. this one cool & a hell lota fun .. but its an arcade racer unlike the others .

for PC i liked NFS:U & Pro Race driver 2 (though i couldent purchase it yet) .

but to be honest .. among all these racing games .. GT3(&2) are the only truly awesome racing games i've ever played . & thats why i'm keeping my PS2 .. just to play GT4 as soon as it comes!

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