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Default Re: Best Racing Game on console or PC?

I am the biggest racing fan there is JuiceZ. X-Box has some good ones with Project Gothom and Forza coming. But Grand Turismo 4 is also coming in November for the PS2 and it will be end all of all racing games. I had part 3 and it hate my life. You were able to play it as a arcade game or a sim and a hardcore sim at that where it would take you near two hours of continues driving with real tire wear to finish some circuits. This time around everything is improved. More tracks, cars, custimizations every thing a racing fan needs. It will feature alot of the real world tracks including the longest which name I forget but takes like full half hour to complete a lap. If your serious about a racer get a PS2 and GT4 in November.

Check out some trailers and game shots.

-It will feature over 50 real world street, rally, desert, circuit and tracks that are not real but based on real life loctaions.
-Over 500 cars from 1886 up to 2004 with control and engine sounds unique to that car
-Sold separately 900 steering wheel made of real leather and featuring physics and characteristics to mimic each car. So you will know what a Saleen Porsh or a Nissmo steers like
-Online play

I had the old one and sold in the FS section to put away money for this one.
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