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Default Re: Quake4 PCZONE Preview

Originally Posted by majortom
ah, ok. i was actually responding to the beyond3d people (and you) who were saying that it didnt look that good, even though its clearly the most advanced engine out there. and the article even states that not all the levels will be indoors (like quake). and the only way in which it looks like doom3 is the fact that it has shadows (oooooo). dont worry, im not flaming so dont get your panties in a bunch
plus, you cant really compare q4 to those other games you listed. for one thing, they're using the d3 engine, without any tweaking, like the other games have done. thats one of the reasons why the game is coming out so relatively soon (from the release of the original engine).
ps- and halflife was built on the q1 engine, not 2.
Show me where I said the game looked bad? Show me where I said Doom 3 looked bad. I said it looks just like Doom 3. It's a shooter set in the dark, scary space of the future with monsters attacking you. The models look (good) exactly the same as Doom 3 as do the environments. And what do you know, it happens to be the same engine, too.

I wasn't comparing Q4 to the games I listed. I listed those because, again, you came across as sounding like every game that uses another game's engine looks just like the original game, for example: since CoD used the Q3 engine, it looks exactly like Q3 and since HL used the Q2 engine, it looks exactly like Q2. And that is not the case for either game.

Just because a game uses the engine of another game, it does not mean the games have to be or will be identical. I think they could do a lot more to make Q4 NOT look like Doom 3 and it's a damn shame they haven't yet.
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