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Default Re: error msg when installing new driver

Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".
Means that the GLX extension for X is not loaded, which means that either the driver is not installed correctly, or the nvidia kernel module is not loaded, or the line below is not in your config file:
load "glx"

Check first that you have the glx module load statement in your config file, that you have commented out the load "dri" line, and that your video Device has been set to Driver "nvidia".

If those things check out, then make sure the kernel module is loaded with lsmod, you should see the 'nvidia' module shown.

Next, you'll have to verify that the glx libraries are where they should be, and that the correct links have been created. For this you may have to refer to the readme to see where the libraries are placed (each file is mentioned in the readme). The files you are most concerned about should all show up with the ls command ls -al /usr/lib/*GL*. The library files shown should have the nvidia driver version number in their name, with other links pointing to the library (.so file).
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