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Default Re: So, Why Do People Buy Nvidia Cards?

It all comes down to personal preference, and for me it was the drivers. As a dual display user I'm very impressed with the nView features of Forceware. I've tried the Radeon Hydravision software and I thought it was horrible. Nvidia definetly has a better grasp on multi-display users.

I also really like Digital Vibrance, in fact on my LCD's it is absolutely essential I keep it on. That's a fault of my choice in LCD's, so if I had an ATI card believe me I'd be suffering. Some claim you can get similar results to DV with ATI cards, but it doesn't look nearly as good I hear.

And in the past I've had far more studdering frame rate issues with ATI cards I've owned, but I have not had such a problem with the Nvidia cards I've owned.

I think ATI makes really wonderful hardware, but it's their driver packages and software I question. In fact one more thing worth mentioning is the absolute aggrivation I've had with ATI TV Wonder and All-in-Wonder cards, their stability left much to be desired for me.
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