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Default Re: So, Why Do People Buy Nvidia Cards?

Well I had the priviledge of owning a X800XT PE for a couple months until I finally got my 6800 Ultra. The reasons I went with Nvidia are:

1. Both high end cards are extermely fast, with ATI being a bit faster in DirectX games at the settings I like to play at - 1600x1200 with 4xAA/8xAF while Nvidia is generally even better in OpenGL games. I basically consider performance a tie here.

2. ATI's drivers are getting a lot better but I still think Nvidia's are better overall and this comes from my own personal experiences as I had a 9800 Pro for a couple years until recently. I give Nvidia a slight nod here.

3. The 6800 series has PS3.0 support and no ATI card will have it until next year at the earliest. While there aren't a lot of games out right now that support it more are on the way. 3dc is a nice technology that ATI has but PS3.0 is a standard that will be more widely supported in the future. This is another nod to Nvidia.

3. Nvidia supports Stereo 3-D gaming and ATI does not. While E-dimensional does have beta drivers for ATI there are still a lot of games that do not work as well as on a Nvidia card. Let me tell you playing the World of Warcraft stress test in 3-D is an amazing thing!

That's my take on why I am using a Nvidia card right now.
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