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Default Re: Quake4 PCZONE Preview

Originally Posted by Nv40
quake2 is the only game where i really like *ALL* the weapons. i had my favorites.. like the railgun or shotgun grenades were extremely fun .. i really liked all of them. in quake3 in the other hand i only like the Rocket launcher and the railgun (but this later was even slighlty less cool and corrected with a MOd) perhaps its me ,but i dislike weapons that clouds my vision with trippy lighting effects when i fire them. the only one that i tolerate and like if the quake2 BFG gun..
OMG Hell has Frozen over as I agree with NV40 for once...

/me falls out of chair

But yea I really hated that stupid hyperblaster wanna be they passed off as the BFG in Q3. My favorite maps in Q2 where ones that had both the Rail Gun and the BFG on it....
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