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Originally Posted by morbias
It looks like Geforce FX cards won't be that compatible with much of the new dX9 software coming out due to an issue in the pixel shader hardware. There is a flaw in nVidia's pixel shader 2.0 architecture and consequently causes a cascade effect in certain dX8 games because of backward compatibility problems with pixel shader 1.2 based code.
Certain dX9 shader code is also incompatible with these chips which means a lot of new software will not work correctly. This problem looks set to be present in nVidia's PS3.0 technology as well, so the 6800 has the dX8 cascade problem, and will most likely have problems with upcoming dX9 releases as well.

there is no fix for this - it is a hardware problem

whats that smell? smells like grade A bullsh!t to me.
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