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Angry Re: no screen after logout

..and there was me thinking this was just my BFG 6800 Ultra OC playing up!

I built up a new machine (lower spec., lower RAM) than the machine I have my 6800 in at the weekend.

BUT, I installed a Nvidia 5600 128MB (Gainward) in the machine and left the machine running kernel 2.4 (the Ultra 6800 machine uses kernel 2.6.7).

I then cranked up X using the 5600 with the 6111 drivers.

..I then exit X and. . . I get a lock - just like with the 6800 card, but the screen has lots of weird symbols in green all over the console.

I can type a "shutdown now -h" command blindly into the ruined console and make it shutdown, but what a pain in the neck this is turning out to be.

..So Nvidia - your 6111 drivers are broken in kernel 2.4, 2.6 with the 5600 and the 6800 cards...

PLEASE start looking into this - a Google hunt reveals masses of people with this problem. Its time it got sorted.
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