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Default Re: AMD64, Tyan K8W, Geforce 5700 = black screen

Sorry should have been more specific in that particular statement: the Geforce FX 5700 Ultra 3 works fine in the same identicle hardware under either 64 bit gentoo OR 32 bit Suse 9.1 (two separate computers running the OS's).

I have tested my card (Geforce 5700 Ultra) using 32 bit gentoo on the same hardware (my computer) and it does not work. (I used a spare partition and did a complete, clean install from scratch.) It resulted in the same black screen, with X chewing up 100% of the CPU just as it does under 64bit.

The card works fine when in 'PCI mode' on the same hardware under a 64 or 32 bit install of Gentoo. Of course the performance is bad, but it does work.

One thing that has seemed to change (with the 6111 drivers ) is the 2d desktop screen refreshes seem smoother than before (in pci mode of course).
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