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Default Re: Geforce FX+HL2

Originally Posted by Sazar
might be best to hold some of those comments back till the game actually comes out...

from teh stress tests the nv3x products seem to handle hl2 related shaders more than adequately and suffer minimal IQ loss as a consequence...

if the users are getting the best possible experience on their products and its just slightly less than the complete UBER experience I don't see a problem really... hell i would be happy if the differences were effectively imperceptible....
i agree with you about the users. other than the handful of people who care about the implementation of what shader and what not... its all about the entertainment value. i am definately in the category of "caring about shaders" an all that jazz.. but as long as a gamer who doesnt care about that has a great time playing a game... then let them enjoy it. he wont notice little IQ differences
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