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Default Re: Best Racing Game on console or PC?

Originally Posted by |JuiceZ|
Argh, now I don't know what to do

Know there's a lot of good racing sims out there but, I usually lean more towards the arcade style w/ some realism throughout. GT4 looks to be killer as does the Logitech® Driving Force™ Pro but, I'd hate to go out and buy a PS2 in Nov just as HALO 2 makes its debut.

On the XBOX side, Sega GT2002 is really fun & Froza looks purdy sweet but as far as arcade racing games go, nothing looks to top the GT series.

Its pretty obvious though, the better racing games are on consoles.
the gt series is NOT an arcade game!!!
it is a driving simulation, and the best one at that.
pls dont do that mistake. and what halo2 has to do with this thread??
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