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Default Re: 3DMark 2005 Screenshots

Originally Posted by lightman
First off, let me say that it's nice to see someone in the benchmark scene post here.

Then, nice sshot indeed

Just to know, do you support sm3.0 in 3DMark05 ? And 3DC ?

(now, if you prefer not to answer my question now I can understand it. Marketing is a bitch, I know )

Glad to hear that you like the shot! I was actually supposed to post some data about it (polys on screen etc) but forgot to do it. Oh well.. I might update the newspost tomorrow when I get my hands on that data!

About your questions; yes we do support SM3.0 (which is a DX9.0c shader model) in 3DMark05, but not 3Dc.

If you want more info on 3DMark05 now, I suggest that you read these following interviews we have done:

They contain some info on the upcoming 3DMark05, and how it works (engine, which features we support etc)!
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