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Default Re: Strange video playback problems (2.6 kernels)

P3-450 bx mobo and tnt video card, same problem. The system seems to be behaving as if writecombining is disabled, the MTRRs seem to be setup okay though. (It is Xfree86 taking up the CPU time BTW, this does the xvideo copy to video memory of the decoded frames.)

I dont know if this is relevant, but lspci says the following with 2.4 while omitting it with 2.6
Expansion ROM at <unassigned> [disabled] [size=64K]

Hell with 2.6.9 pre releases I cant even load the nvidia kernel module at the moment, there is something ****ed up ... but it is unfortunately machine dependent, and the people who matter arent suffering the problems it seems. Cause this problem has been around for ages.
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