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Default Re: Quake4 PCZONE Preview

Originally Posted by Subtestube
As a matter of interest, have any of you guys tried out Tenebrae for the original Quake? If not, you really should - it's amazing what a few graphics programmers with a lot of spare time can do to a dated engine.

(Edit: I'd love to see this done for Q2... It'd make me play through yet again.. As if I've not won Q2 enough times already...)

Carmack's said that he'd be interested in updating previous id titles under the Doom 3 engine. I'd be all over that, especially if they sunk some time (or hired someone to sink some time) in the re-make, to make sure it came off awesome. Given id's reputation as a graphics juggernaut, I can't see them releasing a halfway done remake of Quake 2 with just shiny water and nifty lighting - it'd be something to see.
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