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Default Re: 3DMark 2005 Screenshots

Originally Posted by lightman
Just to know, do you support sm3.0 in 3DMark05 ? And 3DC ?
As Nick already answered , i think that 3DMark only supports those official Direct X features that came from MS .

ATI-News: What is your opinion of vendor exclusive features like the 3Dc compression technology? Are you going to support it? Futhermore: What compressions technologies will be supported with the next version of 3DMark?

Nick: As far as I know, 3Dc is an ATI specific feature, and therefore not so interesting in regards to the next 3DMark. 3DMark05 will use DXT1 for color maps, DXT3 for alpha maps and DXT5 for normal map compression.

supporting specific features from the graphics chips manufacturers like the 3Dc (from ATi) & the UltraShadow (from nVIDIA) features would be good , but i dont think that FM is obliged to implement them on thier 3DMark program .

.. of course Nick can comment on this if he likes !

& these 3DMark2005 interviews are very informative

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