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Default Re: AMD64, Tyan K8W, Geforce 5700 = black screen

I swapped video cards.

It is properly detecting all of the cards, and detecting them all in 8x agp. FX5700 gives black screen. Same hardware, same config files, same kernel, same everything with a FX5700 Ultra works fine.

FX5700 fails under both 32 and 64 bit.

The FX5700 Ultra that works on my hardware and a friends works on my hardware in 64bit mode and on his hardware (identicle) under 32bit Suse.

The FX5700 works on my hardware in pci mode only under 32 or 64 bit gentoo.

Please note the difference: My card (which doesn't work) is a plain FX5700. The other card that does work is an FX5700 Ultra.
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