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Default Rifles in Raven Shield and Reality

I've noticed that Raven Shield is unintentionally realistic. What I'm talking about is this:
There is no reason not to use the biggest gun you possibly can, IE the M14. There are a few reasons I find this interesting:
#1 That's how it is in reality. Cops carry handguns because they're not storm-troopers. If they are in a situation where they intend to rush in and kill people, they equip AR15s and MP5s.
#2 Okay, but what about MP5s? Well the reason you use an SMG is mainly very closed enviroments - like a house. This makes sense if you were to charge into my tiny two bedroom house. An m16 would be unweidly. However, most levels in Rainbow Six (any of them) are fairly large and open. The only reason not to use a high powered long gun is considerations of firing speed and whether you can physically move it. If you're in a city street, or even a large living room, an AK-47 beats a pistol or SMG any day.
#3 Terrorists can't hear you through doors. I once fired an M249 SAW right outside of the hostage room in a long term (20-30 second) engagement with multiple snipers. And the terrorists didn't even NOTICE. Now this is pretty unrealistic, but it makes suppressed weapons worthless in game, although some people online still insist on using crappy M4s with silencers that do -15 points of damage and actually heal enemies...but whatever.

I picked this fact up in a playing FAQ somewhere and tried it out, and it's absolutely true. Using an M14 with a scope makes all of the levels easier. It's true it doesn't function very well 'spraying', but one shot takes down anybody, so I don't need a bullet-hose.
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