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Default Re: What PC releases are you waiting for this fall?

COD: UO has already been released. It has an 8.9 (great) rating from Gamespot. I'll buy this as soon as it arrives here. I read that you can use a flamethrower too.

My list of upcoming games that I want:
* Warhammer 40k: DoW - I pre-ordered already . I also got the closed beta and the demo. Given what I've seen in the demo, it's so good that I'm pre-ordering. It's too bad that there are no other movies except the intro though.

* Rome: Total War - Now if I can get to playing the demo of this game, I might pre-order.

* Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

* KoTOR 2 - Only the X-Box version will arrive by Christmas though. PC gamers will have to wait until Feb next year.

* The Ur-Quan Masters - This is the GPL version of Starcraft 2. Common guys hurry up with version 0.4! I can't get ver 0.3 to work.
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