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Default Re: Best Racing Game on console or PC?

Nah, Grand Turismo definantly is a good blend of an arcade game, with a decent physics engine in it too.. At least on the default settings that everyone plays on..

One obvious example is how forgiving it is on smoothing out your steering inputs... Play on a dual shock, and then do replay, with input display on, you can see how choppy your controls input can be, but still the car responds smoothly.. They obviously did it because its very hard to percise inputs with the dual sticks (but much better than pure digital) Else noone without a steering wheel would be able to control the game effectively..

If I also remember, shifts in middle of turns never unbalance your car either.

Originally Posted by revbatboy
"From what I hear, its still more of an arcade game, with a decent physics engine... like Grand Turismo.."

Gran Turismo is in no way an arcade racer. It is a Racing Sim.
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