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I too saw an article on the fact that Farcry used DX 8.1 in the GFFXs rather than DX9 like the Radions cant find the article again though (and I have tried) so cant post a link.

I thought nvidias much touted inline compiler as introduced in the 50 driver set was supposed to have cured all these incompatibility problems with the FXs and DX9 it doesnt seem to improve performance in HL2 though, after all this time in development I would have expected better from nvidia. I mean ATI 9800 and 9600 are users able to play all their games as the developer intended them to be seen, sure there a bit slower on doom 3 but all the details there and theres not that much difference in frame rate that the game becomes unplayable. Im hoping that nvidia pull a driver out of the hat that will give us an extra 20 FPS and full DX9 effects because although you cant see that much detail difference now on the CS map Valve have released I bet you will in HL2 especially in areas of the game where theres a lot of water (DX9 water looks much better in the stress test demo than DX8.1 water). Does any one know if nvidia have officially responded to the findings of the various hardware websites such as Firing squad and their articles on this subject? Do nvidia care? After all they seem to have a good product in the 6800 chipset maybe they will try and forget about the FX. For now I still feel disappointed, wonder if I can get a refund for my fake ass DX9 card?
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