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Default Re: Tribes : Vengence SP Demo

Me, I'll stick with 'Planetside'. Tribes WAS all about team play. The team that worked together well always won, period. This game may well have an element of that, but the team has to come together on their own. No command interface, no waypoints, targetting lasers, multi-person vehicles (well, not like T1 and T2, anyway), etc.

When they say it 'feels like UT2k4 with jetpacks', that's what people are talking about. UT2k4 has teams in many of the match styles, but the team doesn't really effect the play style much more than having half the people on the map being those you shouldn't shoot. Maybe 2 people will work together to cap a flag, and cover the flag carrier, but it doesn't take more co-operation than that.

In T1 and T2, the *whole team* had to work together, or you could just forget it. T:V seems to have forgotten that - or, perhaps, intentionally decided not to pursue such a play style, since "Americas Army" and "Planetside" both do that style so well right now.
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