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Default Mandrake 10 (2.6.3-16 kernel), 6111 and GForce4

For all newbies like me here is a simple method for installing the new 6111 drivers (I have Mandrake 10.0 Community, kernel 2.6.3-16 (with source installed) and a GForce4 MX:

Step 0. you DO NOT need to change the nv.c file, patch things or download mysterious kernel builds.

Step 1. start Linux console mode (initlevel 3, cf inittab)

Step 2. run the 6111 package with the option --add-this-kernel:

[./ --add-this-kernel]

wich creates (after long stressful minutes) a "custom" package

Step 3. run the custom package with NO options (just run the package):


Step 5. Edit your XF86Config-4 file according to a) the README file (like Driver "nvidia" and Load "glx"... since I am a newbie I don't really know what all that stuff means but it looks important and b) your needs (like Twinview and Tv-out).

Step 6. (vi-edit your inittab to initlevel 5 if you like it that way) and reboot (I don't know if it's necessary but I did it anyway)

Step 7. DONE!!!! You can now watch your dvds on your tv with your new driver!!!

Hope it works for all of you non-expert Linux users.

Note: since I was having the "rivafb problem" I NO-ed the rivafb modules from the kernel and did a "make all". I don't actually know if leaving the rivafb modules "on" is important or not.
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