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Default Problem using xcompmgr in Xorg 6.8 and Rendel Accell

I have compiled new Xorg 6.8.0 in Fedora Core 2 with the last xcompmgr from cvs (15/09/04) utility to enable shadows and opacity for X windows.

If I disable Option "RendelAccell" on configuration file the new effects run perfectly but
very slow: moving, resizing, swap screen, etc.

When I enable Option "RendelAccell" the new effects run very fast, but after some
open/close/move windows the X server crash. In particular X hang systematically
when and GL application (like glxgears) is launched.
The machine doesn't crash, I still be able telnet the machine and close session.

Have anyone have my same problem?

Thanks in advanced,


NV driver 6111
Fedora Core 2
AMD XP 2000, 1GB RAM
GeForceFX 5900 128MB
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