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Unhappy asus v9950 ge problems

I am a unhappy possessor of a asus v9950 ge videocar (gforce fx 5900 xt). with the new drivers 1.6111 I am unable to get nothing on my tv-out. All I get is a black screen, even if nvidia-setting say that I have conected both my tv and my crt (after I make the proper modification on xfreee confi file, of course). Also, I use a 1280*1024 rezolution on my crt. Under xandros I am able to make my tv-out to work but only if i have on both crt and tv the same rezolution (1024*768) . At this moment I use suse 9.1 + xfree x11R6.8. My tv-out is not working, I have no ideea how to keep my crt at 1280*1024 and my tv at 1024*768. Also, nv-tvout program is unable to detect proper my tv-out chipset....
So Is any possibility to make my tv-out to work ?
Also, any idea when the new drivers with twinconfig will appear ?

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