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Originally Posted by morbias
try running a 6800 on a 2Ghz cpu, in games such as Asherons call 2, nfs underground, or f1 2002.

i can't provide proof, as i have only read of these problems in forums and obviously forum links aren't always solid. nVidia has not released any information on the problem - but then why would they if there was a serious flaw in their hardware.

please realise that these corruptions and slowdowns happen seemingly randomly and so are hard to replicate on certain setups. a slower cpu does however seem to increase the probability of it happening
I have F1 2002, AND F1 Challenge 99-02, and I cant find any "cascading effect" Mine runs great at 70+ fps...albeit, on a 5900U FLASHED to a 5950U

I've even slowed down to look at the purdy countryside, and swaying trees, still cant find a cascade effect.

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