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Default Re: Anyone seen the new SpeedTree: Pangaea Demo? On Nvidias Site?

Originally Posted by MUYA
maybe your 5700 and tualtalin 1ghz held the demo back?
Eh, I gave it a try on my old faithful rig and it was a slideshow at any resolution above 640x480. .

This morning I also had the chance to test it on a Prescott 2.8GHz with a GF6800NU I'm assembling at the shop: it runs fine, still I wasn't that impressed.
Originally Posted by OWA
Heh, yeah but Far Cry is more like looking at a fake plant whereas this is more like looking at a real one (not as bright, colorful and artificial looking IMO). It was also pretty cool to see the helicopter fly by and see the trees sway in the wind caused by the helicopter.
You're right: Far Cry pulls out some nice tricks to reduce the workload of the system but, in the end, the results are equally impressive.
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