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Originally posted by Chalnoth
Oh, and one last little thing.

With UT, the major suttering I got previously has dropped back to very minor pauses. They're now bearable, but shouldn't be there at all. Anybody know where I can configure the cache in Linux?
the cache does not cause you to swap!

And second, I still dont even know how much ram you have !!

effectiv free meme
free + cached = free

when someitng needs ram it will clear out the cache (part of ot not all of it ) and make roome for the new program needing to be run.

Second Ut2003 is a real real real hard game on computers.
I dont know your computer specks but pausing now and this can be related to

misconfigured vid card.
bad IDE setings (seems you fixed thoes)
misconfigured or bad sound card drivers (try turning it to HW accel insted of default sound settings )

what sort of FPS are you getting ?

what system do you have ? vid card amount of ram ? ddr ? sound card ?

we know nothing about your system.

oh to configure the cache you would have to rewrite part of your kernel. ( as far as i know)

you rellay should not need to mess with the cache.

Sounds like you are running a older distro, or a distro that has not optmized there kernel

you need to look in to getting a kernel with
preimpt+low late
or one with preimpt
or one with low late

if you use other patches on your kernel it will be hard to incoperate both preimpt and lowlate, but low late i think is the best otheres think preimpt is.

I have had a kernel with lowlate and preimpt but my drivers for my ide card have made it to where i can only use low late.
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