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Default Re: Far Cry Patch plans

Originally Posted by ultimate17
So their just ignoring the 1.3 patch I assume? It's funny....their "tweaking" the 1.25 patch....what exactly needs tweaking? Last time I checked the 4.9 cats fixed all problems with ati cards and the 1.2 patch. They need to move their butts on the 1.3 patch so we can play the famous rocks on the beach scene that jakup got to play @ e3....and ati owners can have 3dc. We dont want a 1.25 patch that fixes problems already fixed by video card drivers. Redundant.

Well let's see:

1.2 was released and recalled.
1.3 was never made

1.25 is between 1.2 and 1.3...maybe they're taking the best of both worlds here? And what does the version number have to do with anything? They could call it 10.0 and it could be just the 1.2 patch again...the numbers are just an arbitrary system to let users know there is something different than the boxed version. Besides did they actually say it was going to be version 1.3?
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