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Default Re: Far Cry Patch plans

Originally Posted by ultimate17
Well when they say 1.25-it sounds to me, like a fixed version of 1.2, if it had hdr and 3dc, I dont see why they would call it 1.25. They would just release 1.3 and say all fixes for 1.2 are in this patch. 1.25 gives off the impression that it's a small fix, rather than a huge change. Kind of like any other sotware...1.1.5 is always less impressive than 2.0 and so on. We're just using a little common-sense....try it sometime.

I'm lacking common sense? Do you even know what's going into the 1.25 patch yet? Why not wait to bitch about it not being 1.3 until you find out exactly what's in it. Maybe it IS 1.3 but they decided to call it 1.25 instead. Did you ever stop to use *gasp* common sense and think about that?
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