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Hi all, I'm new, I have some questions about these new Nvidia FREEBSD drivers.

I have recompiled my Kernel succesfully, and installed the drivers too.But I have two problems :

The X loading time is incredibly long!!About 3-4 minutes(that can seem a short time when u read it, but when u are at your desktop waiting X load is stressing) , tuxracer (one of my prefered games!!!) doesn't load, the screen turns black and than I'm returned to desktop at a resolution of 640x480 (I 'think) , so I have to restart X (another time 3-4 minutes) .UT2003 anytimes restart my PC when I start it (It happen any time after a crash of X when I try to restart it) and always in UT the audio is unsync with the video.

Is normal, anyone know how to solve these problems?


Config :

PIII 1000
Creative/MSI Geforce 3 Ti200
CMI8738 Audio chip

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