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Default Re: Half-Life 2 RC shipped out to Vivendi

Originally Posted by ultimate17
Next week we will hear "Vivendi rejects RC, Valve to take 8 more months making a new one"

No offense but a rejected rc doesn't have to be completely remade. It would be one or 2 or more silly bugs that would just have to be tracked. But thank god for the css beta. A very high amount of the show stopper crashing bugs isnide the source engine are gone. So in the end if a rc is rejected it would probably just take a day or 2 tops to fix the issues. Which would probably be minor scripting errors. The main crash left is a resolution issue, which is probably fixed on valves side.

Originally Posted by ultimate17 I week we'll be reading that Vivendi rejected the RC. I can count on one hand-how many games actually went gold after 1 RC.
In that count did you include half life 1? =)
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