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Default EQ2 or WOW?

Which will you choose?

I'm not impressed with WOW's graphics. Blizzard hasn't changed its graphics style at all since its previous games - the best cutscenes ever, but simple cartoony looking graphics. Diablo was the only possible exception. The cuteness will no doubt appeal to console RPGers, but I don't know how many of them take an interest in PC MMORPGs. EQ2 is showing off some awesome graphics, plus it has the fan-base of the original EQ to build on. SOE are experts at making very addictive MMORPGS and Blizzard are new to the genre. On the other hand, I just get this feeling that WOW will just be a lot more fun and rewarding to play. Has Blizzard ever made a bad game? not that I know of. I haven't forgiven SOE for SWG on the other hand.

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