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Default Re: What Are Your Guys Thoughts On the Phantom "Prototype"?

Haha, not exactly the most elegant workmanship...but at least the outside looks pretty. But how powerful is this thing supposed to be? The specs looked pretty impressive back when the Xbox was released, but now with the Xbox 2 coming out in a bit over a year it probably will have a harder time matching up with the technology (not to mention the 4 ghz processors and 6800 cards...).

Edit: Oh, and I love this line from their article-

What you see above is a Phantom Console that was loaned to us for the purpose of writing this article. The Phantom you see above is plugged in and "running", although we could never get it to POST.
Jeez, it's that large and heavy, and they couldn't even get the thing to work?!? Why didn't they at least stick an actual computer in there, at least then it would be functional

But does anyone else think it's funny that Phantom actually loaned HardOCP a prototype console when they took them to court less than a year ago? What in the hell are they thinking?

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