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Default twinview external lcd blank, 1.0-6116 on dell laptop

I had twinview working fine with 1.0-5336, but the external monitor will not display anything if I try to upgrade to 1.0-6111 or 1.0-6106. I have read many posts by people on this forum with similar problems, but none of their solutions have worked for me.

The symptoms:
I am running a Dell Precision M60 laptop with an Nvidia Quadro FX Go700, and attaching it to an external Dell 2001FP LCD monitor with a D-sub connector. When I startx, my laptop LCD comes up just fine. But on the external LCD, the backlight comes on and the green led becomes lit showing that it is getting a signal, but the screen stays black. My desktop area acts like the second monitor is being used, and I can move my mouse into it, but it doesn't display anything. The Xorg log file indicates that everything is fine, both monitors detected, both found valid modes, no apparent reason that I can see that would cause this problem.

I'd appreciate any help that can be offered cause I'm stumped. I kind of think it might be a nvidia driver bug rather than a setup problem of mine, because 1.0-5336 works okay, but the newer versions don't.

Attached files:
1. general_system_info.txt -- a lot of info about my hardware and system configuration
2. xorg.conf
3. Xorg.0.log -- with logverbose 5

Attached Files
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