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Originally posted by Serath
My fiance and I are playing MKA. I'm SubZero, and she's Sonya. kick punch kick kick freeze kick then BAM Sonya becomes a snowboard for Subby. A few bloody splats later She's standing there in mid punch when *WHAM!* My sword is sticking in her stomach. SHe's losing lots of blood... her life is slowly fading away... however... sword and all, Sonya still manages to jumpkick me in the face and make me her bitch until she bleeds to death...
amazing! [/b]
I love impales!! Gawd, they are gory!

Sonya is a mean woman this time around, though. She was giving all kinds a grief last night on the Acid Bath stage but I fixed her. No, I coudn't impale her (using Scorpion) but I kept shoving or sweeping her right into the path of the acid spitting Budha statues.

That acid sucks big time...especially if you got a sword stuck in your breadbasket.

Some of the Fatalities are lame but Nitara - the vampire chick - oh, she's got a really good one! She was definately worth the hefty price of unlocking her.
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