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Default Re: EQ2 or WOW?

Yeah, WoW definitely for me. Arioch is totally right, the screenshots just don't do the game justice. The artwork in the game is absolutely amazing, and I'm sure you would all agree after seeing it in action. Walk into Stormwind City for the first time and tell me you didn't gasp in awe.

Anyway, the gameplay was far more fun than any MMORPG I've played, most especially City of Heroes and <shudder> Star Wars Galaxies. The quest system is really awesome and takes the edge off leveling up, and for once I actually found myself somewhat interested in what the NPCs had to say! It was really neat. Another thing I noticed about the game that I just haven't experienced with other MMORPGs is the very high level of immersion in the world. It's good ****.

And by the way, DaveW, Warcraft III is Blizzard's only really "cartoony" looking game on the PC.
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