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Default Re: What Are Your Guys Thoughts On the Phantom "Prototype"?

Originally Posted by GlowStick
Well its not a hoax, its a scam, what they are doing is pretending to 'engeneer' a product and 'create' a game deliery service, while in reality they hire a 16year old kid to do a simple case mod, and since they alrady made alot of false promices, eg HDTV, Dobly 7.1, Internal Cable Modem, Internal DSL Modem.......

Bascily everyone who is pitching this product sat down and said "Ok, here is the plan, we get as much investor money as we can, hide it in a swiss bank account and the hide"

Its been done so many times before.
did you mean to misspell "engeneer"? LOL but spelling aside, this is basically just a [crappy] computer that only plays games and has a broadband connection... hmm, well, sonnofabitch, i already have one! wow!
- oh man, the water effects in source look amazing!
- really?
- yeah, i tried to touch it, and my hand got wet
- cool!
- oh wait, never mind. i just peed on myself

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