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Default Re: The Doom movie - The Marine has a name...

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Did you not see Chronicles of Riddick? Karl Urban's acting was horrific! To top it off, he's really weird looking and he talks funny too, like something's jammed up his ass. Actually, his acting sucked in Lord of the Rings too, now that I think about it. And sorry, the "forced to deal with corporation responsible for parents' deaths" spin on "marine fights invading demons from hell on Mars" doesn't really do anything for me, either. This movie sounds like it'll be as good as House of the Dead, at best. Geez, why won't people stop making video game movies?!

And the director you mentioned?! Cradle 2 the Grave? Come on!! It's got DMX as one of the lead characters! Andrzej Bartkowiak directed ONE good movie, The Devil's Advocate, and that was only good because of good writing. Things are looking bleak indeed for the Doom movie. Oh well, my expectation's weren't at all high anyway.
Woah, man - calm down. I do occassionlly go see bad movies on purpose - the whole 'watching a trainwreck' thing. I probably should have clarified; I meant "pretty good" in the sense that I'd spend $7, be amused for 2 hours and have done. It isn't going to be worth owning when it hits DVD. I didn't mention the director, and I haven't seen Chronicles of Riddick - I don't like Vin Diesel. I will grant you that the only thing I've seen Karl Urban in was LOTR, but I thought he did a decent job of portraying Eomer. IMO, he's a damn sight better at acting than Dwayne Johnson ever will be.
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