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Default Re: EQ2 or WOW?

I like how everyone is chooseing WOW based on PLAYING it where as they are ditching EQII WITHOUT playing it. Truth is, no one knows wich is better yet as neither game is out. I tested WOW during the stress test and was supprised at how much fun it was. I am definetly considering it. That being said I am a bit of an EQ fanboy and after playing it for about an hour at E3 earlier this year, I give it high marks so far as well. As far as the "plastic" look, please don't prejudge, they have been redoing the artwork seemingly once a month. As for the sound, I give EQII the edge as all of the NPC's have real voicework behind them (they talk to you and to each other).
Anyway, I'm taking a wait and see attitude, I'll probably try both, and stay with wich ever one I find more enjoyable...
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