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Unhappy Stuttering in UT2K4, and general Desktop choppyness.

Well I switched from ATi to Nvidia. I installed an FX5700.

Driver install (6111) went well. says there are no conflicting files. Quake 3 runs great.

UT2K4 however, is now very choppy. The sound goes out, and the game stutters. It was fine before with my Radeon 9800 Pro. I am using very conservative settings here and have a 3.0Ghz P4 and 1Gb of PC3200. I know the game should perform worse with this card, but not this poorly.

I think somehting is wrong.

First of all, is it normal for the image below to say "Bus Type: PCI" for an AGP card?

Next, do the Nvidia drivers have serious problems running games in Linux if a second monitor is enabled? Is there an easy way to disable a monitor? (without editing xorg.conf)

I dont know... I just expected more of a change in desktop rendering from what was told to me about the Nvidia drivers.

Here is my xorg.conf.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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