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Default So, I want to give this MMFPS thing a try

I want to try out the whole huge maps tons of people FPS games. I downloaded a few demos and this is what I got out of them:
Operation Flashpoint was graphically lame. The controls could be a bit awkward, too. Otherwise it seemed decent but I think I'd rather go with something more modern.
Joint Operations: Typhoon Force had acceptable graphics, but I couldn't figure out what was going on. I couldn't see anyone who was shooting at me, it was a bit awkward and more irritating than intense. It was like fighting a sniper, but a magical sniper with no muzzle flash and an m60*.
I'm downloading a demo of 1942. Anyone else have an reccomendations?

*Addendum Rant: The M60 in video games is retarded. M60s have an effective firing rate of about 100 rounds per minute. They are NOT intended to be used as a continuous fire weapon like the M249. The barrels will overheat and can cause catastrophic weapon failure at a rate over 100 or so rounds per minute. 7.62x51 rifles don't run into this as much because of the small magazines and the fact that they are rarely fired on full auto straight through - the recoil is just too much to make such an action worthwhile. But anyways, I wish video games would stop having these fakeass M60s that bear no relation to the actual M60 (the same applies for HK 21E and other similar 7.62 belt-fed weapons). The purpose of these guns is 400-1000m infantry support, NOT suppression fire or squad-combat. I can't imagine what sort of Rambo delusions these game makers must be under.

And I know someone is going to say: but it says here that M60s have a firing rate of 500rpm! or some such. That is the cyclic rate, how fast bullets come out of the gun when you hold the trigger down. However, holding a trigger down for more than 100 rounds/minute is likely to ruin your gun.
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