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Default Re: Flickering on GeForce FX - NVIDIA needs your help

I beleive the issue has to do with noise on the USB2 bus when using a USB1 device- for the simple reason that I have a USB1 mouse plugged into a USB2 port and my screen flickers when I use the mouse and flickers like a a f$&@)&*king maniac when I use the mouse WHEEL. I have used this same RIVA TNT2 Ultra card in another system without this effect, but it was only running at 1X agp. Now I have it cranked up to 4x and it flickers like a freak in Windoze 98 but works ok in games except for ones that use directx 7 and above. Perhaps this gives u more clues than you had? Age of mythology can flicker sometimes but Half Life doesnt seem to at all. Neither does starcraft broodwar. But scrolling through newsgroup message listings in Agent 1.91 creates a flicker fest like no other- my poor monitor looks like it is about to puke in my lap. My MB is an asus a7400 MX with 512mb 33mhz ram on 98SE directx 9 and using the latest nvidia drivers. The monitor is a Nokia 449E refresh rate 70mhz at 1024x768. Both card and monitor have worked ok using slower settings on different MBs- IE the nokia worked ok with a trident 4mb slowboat card and the Riva worked fine using a sony monitor at 1X agp on a 550bx mb. The big thing I see is the mouse- display correlation and that needs to be INVESTIGATED. Using a "logitech wheelmouse optical" w latest drivers for that too all patches and hotfixes to 98se applied .
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