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Default 3D Acceleration???

Hi all!

I've installed the 31.23 Driver, changed my XF86Config and the X-Server works fine(I can see the Nvidia image at the start).

But I don't know if 3D Acceleration is enabled.

I have used SuSe 8.1(2.4.18) before. After the installation of the 31.23 Driver there(which was carried out by SuSe installation and upgrading supporting tool yast2), I had to activate 3DAcceleration additionally. But under Red Hat I don't know is it enabled or not?

So can anyone tell me a tool with which I could check if 3DAcceleration is enabled?
Or can anyone tell me the config file I have to alter for 3DA..

I just wanna know.
Thx for help:
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